Fit or Unfit for what you need to be?!

Yesterday we went to Alice Holt, a nice little woodland forest area, with bike tracks, walkways and lots of hidden kids playgrounds. We had just bought a tag-along for our bikes so we can take our 4 year old old on the bike rides, meaning extra leg work! This is another great way to get the family out and about and get some exercise without really thinking about it!

However, we came round one corner and just caught a glimpse of a “Dad” taking his son down from his shoulders, after presumably carrying him for a bit. The child was about 5, nothing too big, and the Dad was probably about 30lbs overweight. What I saw next disappointed me, but also made me realise just how unfit for everyday tasks people are.

As the child wandered off, the Dad spent the next 30secs, doubled over, stretching out his lower back, putting his hand on his hips and arching, bending forward, and generally grimacing!

He was obviously not in any condition to carry his son any difference, and now his back and muscles were paying the price! Come on! What are you gonna do when your son wants you to play games with him? Tell him you’ve got some work to do and move off?!

This really does annoy me, as you’re supposed to be setting an example to your kids, and if you can’t keep up with them, what is that going to show?

I’d hope the Dad will look into his diet, and his exercise “regime” and do something about it, but I guess he’ll probably just say he can’t do too much because of a bad back…………..


Set an example, lead from the front, and eat natural, eat clean, and exercise properly.



4 Responses

  1. Controversial this one – Maybe Dad was setting his son the example he wanted – Fat Lazy scrounger never done a days work, all expenses paid by us.

  2. Hi Mark,
    What about incorporating child carrying into your boot camps? Gets the parent fit and keeps the child entertained. I would however limit this to under 10s if normal size and under 8s if quite hefty.

  3. Ha Ha! Good idea, though not sure if my insurance would cover that!!!

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