Post Workout Nutrition – What’s yours?

Sometimes these posts just write themselves!
I was at the gym this afternoon, primarily working on strengthening my glutes, after attending a Kinetic Chain Assessment course in London with Dax Moy last week. A post on postural issues and correction will be at a later date!
However, there was a girl at the gym running through the usual “lost sheep” routine of moving from one exercise to the next with really no intensity, and no workout plan. The only thing going for her was that she was in pretty good shape. This was by no means down to a good workout routine however!
She then spotted a gym instructor and asked him about putting on some lean muscle and protein shakes.
I could just overhear him suggesting big, compound exercises (good so far!) and going to the high street to buy some protein powder, but to “buy one of the big brands” because they have done more research and their products are proven!
Hang on! Protein powder is just skimmed and extracted from milk!! There is no secret formula or proving to be done by anyone!!?
Anyway, she went back to her workout and eventually left.
I left shortly after and as I went through reception, I saw the same girl, standing at the vending machine!
In this machine you could buy chocolate bars or crisps! She bent down and pulled out a bag of crisps!

Now, post nutrition is probably the second most important meal of the day, after breakfast.
Your body, if you’ve worked out correctly, will be looking for nutrients to refuel, repair and re-grow your muscles. It wants quality foods, and fasting acting ones.
It doesn’t want artificial, packaged fats and useless calories.
Look to drink chocolate milk or soya (or another flavour!) as you’ll get some fast acting carbs and protein, the perfect mix, or a protein shake with half a banana.

You should then be aiming to eat a meal with a balanced amount of carbs, protein and good fats within the next 2 hours to continue the refuel and repair process.

Don’t waste your efforts in the gym, or even during the week by neglecting post workout nutrition!

4 Responses

  1. do you have any suggestion for what to eat after a workout? or before? snack wise?

  2. Hi! Thanks a lot for your comment, much appreciated.

    OK, before a workout, woudl depend on when and what you had for your last meal. For example, if you workout in the afternoon, and you had your lunch about 1.5 hours before, you shouldn’t need anythin to eat, as long as the meal was healthy and balanced between some protein and carbohydrates. But if you’re working out first thing in the morning, before breakfast, or at a point during the day where you haven’t eaten for 3+ hours, you could have something like museli, porridge, scrambled egg with wholemeal toast, flapjack etc, something that will fuel you for the workout. Aim to consume these at least an hour before. If you have less time til your workout, aim for a flapjack or banana which will be quicker releasing energy, and will not sit in the stomach during the workout. You could add a tablespoon of peanut butter to this snack for some good fats and a bit of protein.
    Post workout – The last paragraph in the post above gives some great ideas, like flavoured milk and remainder of banana etc, or dependant on goals you could also add a protein shake.
    Hope this helps, feel free to post again to this or any other post!

  3. thanks 😀

  4. No trouble Brad – feel free to comment anytime!

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