Fat Binding tablets

On a forum I was looking at the other day, posters were discussing the benefits, and questions over fat-binding pills. Nobody was getting great results, just a few extra pounds here and there, but still the questions and interest kept coming!

After about 15 replies to the post, I had to interject, with my favourite line of, “If 1 pill worked, everyone would be taking it, and nobody would be obese!”
To which I got the reply, “It does work, it works, by binding to the fat you eat in your diet, and not allowing about 30% to be digested. You then excrete this fat, and so you don’t store fat”

At this stage, I was shaking my head, and my fingers just couldn’t type fast enough to get my reply in!

“Eating fat, does NOT make you FAT! Excess calories make you fat, be it carbohydrates, protein, fat, whatever! Plus if you’re eating excessive amounts of saturated fat, why not just cut back on the fat you’re eating, instead of almost eating what you like and then taking a “Fat binding pill”
Plus, what about the fat already in you’re body, it’s doing nothing for that?!!”

They just couldn’t get it!

When I looked at the ingredients, one was talc (yep talcum powder!) and the other was a laxative. OK, maybe we’re now getting to where any weightloss may come from! Plus, posters were saying that if you eat something with a reasonably high level of fat while on the pills, you will get an oily, orange seepage from your skin…….how nice!


These pills are crap! Full stop!

Be accountable to yourself, don’t look for “easy options” or magical cures – they just aren’t there.
Pay attention to what you eat.
Think about what you eat. – “Will this danish pastry get me closer to my goals or further away?”
Eat a balanced diet, minimising man-made or processed food, with the majority of your diet coming from natural foods, and drink lots of water.
Combine this with exercise and you will have a lean body, a steady supply of energy, and hopefully won’t have any oily seepage!!

Get Sensible – Get Real!


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