1 BIG Fat Loss Tip for a flat stomach

I’ve been reading posts on other forums recently, where people are trying “slimming” pills, “appetite suppressant” pills, cutting out fat from their diet, even dropping below 1200kcals a day. All of these are damaging to your body and health – all in search of quick fix. Surely it’s better to do something sustainable? Well here is 1 BIG tip that will allow you to drop fat, and flatten your stomach!

! Yep, don’t add it to your diet, REMOVE it!

Wheat is a cheap bulking agent that is used in many food products nowadays, meaning that we consume far too much of it, knowingly, or unknowingly.

A typical day could be;

Wheat based cereal for breakfast

Sandwich for lunch

Pasta for evening meal.

That’s a lot of wheat.

Wheat is listed in the top 8 food allergens along with peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, fish and soy.

Most people eat wheat so often their bodies adapt and cope, and so they experience mild forms of the symptoms (known as wheat intolerance) without ever really being aware of where the problem lies. These symptoms can be anything from diarrhoea, lethargy, bloating to skin rashes and mood swings.

Withdrawing wheat from the diet and therefore ridding the body of wheat can lead to immense improvements in health and wellbeing, along with a drop in excess water, toxins and bodyfat.

Alternatives would be Oats, or eggs and rye bread for breakfast, a lean protein and salad lunch, or sweet jacket potato, and a great alternative to wheat past is SPELT, which is so much lighter and easier to digest than wheat, you’ll wonder why you didn’t change before!

Go on, break your routine and give it a try. I guarantee after 4 weeks you’ll be thanking me, and loving your new flatter stomach and increased energy levels!


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