How hard do you push yourself?

I’ve just got back in from a run, and had to write a post about what I’ve just seen!(After a protein shake and a banana!)
I was on the home leg of the run, when to my right a bike pulls alongside, and slowly starts to edge past me. The bike had all of it’s “brand” stickers and markings removed, and in it’s place was “POLICE“, and riding it was a pretty overweight policeman. This by itself, looked amusing, but also disturbing.

Next, however was the worst part. The road starts to go up a slight incline, nothing much and not for too long. I’m just about to pump my arms and shorten my stride a little, when the “Bike bobby” grinds to a halt, and gets off!! There was no dropping it down a gear, and pushing on for 2 mins, no, he had decided things were gonna get tough, and he was going to walk up this little incline.

To me this is a pretty poor show. To me, a police’peson‘ should be in good shape. They are required sometimes to chase people, to be involved with overly aggressive people, to restrain people, and to look like a ‘guardian of the law’. They should be in a decent physical state.

A friend of mine Jon Le Tocq recently started a post, on Dax Moy’s PT Success Academy site, which had us all commenting, stating that as Personal Trainers, we should be accountable for ourselves, and should be an example to our clients(how we eat, look, train, and talk), otherwise how can our clients be expected to trust, follow, and be inspired by us.

This same sight struck a chord, and showed a lot of what is wrong with not only our policeforce, but also many people today.

Many people are overweight, and they’re not prepared to put the work in to change this. Getting lean and staying there is not easy.
You have to make changes to your diet, and your lifestyle, breaking habits that you may have had for some time.
You have to work out regularly and challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone.
You’ll need to realise that these challenges are there to test you, and by achieving them you will be on your way to achieving your goals, and building a positive mindset with it.

Don’t be a “get off and walk” person, be a “stay on and push through it” person! You will become a stronger, fitter, leaner, more confident person for it.

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