Are you having your life and efforts sucked away?!

While in Malaysia we all managed to get bitten by Mosquito’s except my eldest daughter who didn’t get bitten once! Not sure what we did wrong?!

Mosquito’s are literally sucking your life force (blood) to feed themselves – thankfully though, with a mozzie bite you’re left with nothing more than a few marks for a few days.

However, if you have people around you that will ‘suck your life force’ or positive energy you could well find your efforts and targets slowly fade away.

I’m talking about people who knock your attempts at fitness, who always question why “you’re eating healthily or rabbit food”, people who are always looking at the negative aspects of life. People who always seek out the negative in the things that you do to improve your health, your fitness, your life.

Everyone knows somebody like this, be it a family member, work colleague, even a friend?! These people could endanger your chances of success, if you let them.

It’s not always possible to “reason” with these people and their views, so where possible you will need to either limit your time with them when you are at a crucial stage of your success, or associate yourself with more like-minded people who are attempting to achieve similar goals, and feed off each others positive views and efforts.

An example of this is Weightwatchers and similar clubs. Although I don’t really agree with some of their rules (counting calories all the time) it works for most people, because they go for weekly weigh-ins, and will be around like-minded people who are after the same goals, and can talk the same language. They are also help responsible for their own actions and success at these “weigh-ins” and so they are more likely to be strict with the food during the week. Health and fitness forums are also great areas for people to talk, discuss, and find people who are working towards the same goals.

If you want to succeed, find like minded-people, be positive, be responsible for your actions, plan your goals, and keep your focus. You should then be much further towards success than the “negative people” around you.

If you want to join like-minded people, come and join our community forum, Fat Loss and Fitness Solutions, and you too will be on your way to achieving what you are after!

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