Further confirmation that Fat Loss is food!

Well after a long flight, we arrived in Malaysia! The weather is a change from the snow we left in the UK – lovely and hot, a welcome sight!

We are staying on an island called Langkawi, and like many of these islands, there aren’t the luxuries of back home, in the form of gyms and the alike.
One thing which is apparent is that there are no obese people here on the island – or none that I have seen!
WHAT?! How can that be? There are no gyms! There is no one out running, I’ve not seen anyone working out!!
Well, just another confirmation that weight loss, or maintenance is about the calories you consume.

Here there are no coffee shops, bakeries, fast food shops, crisps, burger chains etc.
The food people eat is fresh, and natural. Food your body can do something with.
Everything is based around fruit, meats, fish, rice, noodles, vegetables etc.

The choices we make, are just that, choices. Sure you can treat yourself now and then, but stick to the ‘core’ foods, outlined above, and you will notice the benefits.

Be in control of your choices, take 100% responsibility for yourself and your actions.

OK, back to the beach, and some fresh fruit!

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