Away but not gone!

Well tomorrow, fingers crossed myself and the family will be jetting off for our annual holiday, stopping at Malaysia for a week, before spending time with my brother in Australia.

The temperature and climate will certainly be different to what we’ve been experiencing in England recently!

Everyone needs to recharge their batteries at some point during the year, a change of scenery, a change in daily routines and lifestyle. You (hopefully!) come back fresher, invigorated, and ready to take on new challenges, even when travelling with a 4 year old and 14th months old, half way around the world!

Sure, holiday’s are now not the relaxing, lay on the beach reading, or doing nothing, that they used to be! Going to bars and restaurants when you have children is now more of a challenge, and often a mission in itself! But like anything, when you have to adapt, you do so, you plan and prepare, and this becomes part of your new ‘routine’!

If something new becomes a challenge, or is different to your usual ‘routine’, but could well benefit you in the long run;
allow yourself to adapt, resolve the obstacles, and accept this into your routine, and you will reap the benefits of it’s addition.

Well, it may be quiet postwise on here for the next week, but once we land in Oz, I’ll get some updates back on, so keep checking back!

Thanks as always for your continued interest, I really appreciate it 🙂



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