An unwelcome sight this morning!

We had it forecast, but still waking up this morning, this was the view from the back of our house! OK, to some of my readers in ‘snowy’ countries it may not look a lot but in England, this is quite severe!

I was supposed to have a busy day today, with 8 PT clients – I now have zero!

Even worse, myself and the family are supposed to be flying to Malaysia and then Australia on Wednesday night, and currently our two main airports are closed, with flight backlogs due to be a problem…….hmmmm we didn’t plan for this?!

Sometimes though, things happen which are outside your control. With these issues, you just have to “ride with them” and make the best of a bad situation. Deal with what you can and plan ahead as per usual.
Only when you are creating your own problems by eating too much too often, eating the bad types of food too often, are you making things harder for yourself, and affecting your OWN outcome.

I’ll just use today as an extra day to pack, plan my upcoming bootcamps further, and then take the kids out for a bit of sledging…..getting an unexpected workout in at the same time!

Here’s to the snow clearing soon……!


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