Pills and diets – Just an empty void

I’ve been posting on a forum recently, where some of the main topics have been;
“How do I lose weight fast?”
“Which diet pill is best for fat loss?”
“Which diet should I choose for quick weight loss?”

I decided to post, to try and give a professional, experienced view, and let these people know that the questions above have no VALID answer, or more correctly, are not even valid Questions.
You should not be thinking like that.

The problem is though, people want results, and they want them yesterday.

But what about the damage you are doing to your body, internally, where you can’t see it? Damaging organs, your hormones, your metabolism?

To the “Which diet pill?” question, I simply posted, “There isn’t one – if there was, every overweight person would be using it, and everyone would look lean, and slim!”, to which the reply came, “Actually product X has been shown to inhibit fat absorption by your body from the food you eat!”


It is not eating fat that makes you fat, it is excess calories! Be this fat, carbohydrates or protein, the basic facts are, if you’re eating more calories than your body needs, or is burning off, you will gain weight…..period.

90% of people that “go on a diet” put that weight back on or more, 3 months after finishing it. Plus the phrase, “Going on a diet” means at some point, you will be “coming off of it”. Do you really want to be trying this, then that, then this, all your life?

Stick to something that is sustainable. Please don’t endanger your health with diets, pills and potions. Stick to regular exercise, healthy, natural foods, and you will not only lose fat, but you’ll get healthier, and fitter at the same time.

Surely this is what you want, especially long term when you want to be playing with your children or grandchildren?

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