How hard is it to get Help?!

How hard is it to get help nowadays?!

You either have to pay for it up front, or there is some hidden extra, and you will pay, in some form, somewhere down the line.

I’m currently marketing my upcoming BootCamps. Shouldn’t be hard I thought, choose a park, get some leaflets, emails, blog and web information up and get planning.


Not only do I have to pay the local parks to use them, I’ve since found that the initial cost they quoted me will go up after 4 weeks! So much for trying to get some use out of our under-used parks, and helping the local community get fitter and lose some weight?! (I’m off to Australia in February, and their parks are over-run with children, adults, playing games, exercising etc. Sure the weather helps, but when they put up basic exercise equipment such as pullup stations, hurdles, bars etc, they are actively encouraging people to use them)

Today, I decided to go and visit some of the local shops in town, and see if I could distribute some leaflets. Again, another barrier! The only ones who were really interested in helping were the small, privately run businesses, who know how challenging marketing can be, and were only happy to help out with displaying them.

Even the local library, a ‘community’ establishment, wouldn’t put a leaflet up, because I would be making money from the business! Very supportive of your local work and businesses!

Anyway, I’m an upbeat person, so I won’t let this get me down (just a quick off the chest moment!!), I’ll continue to look for additional locations, areas to market, and ensure that I get a positive outcome.

BUT! If YOU would like something for FREE, visit my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum here, where you can signup in 1minute, and start asking me and other members questions, post up workout information, get FREE advice and help, and get those 2009 goals on the right track!

You have to pay for most things, so why not make use of those that you don’t!

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  1. Thanks to Caryn at Guildford Community website for promoting my bootcamps!

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