What excess weight are you carrying?

The other day I was talking with one of my PT clients, as we were setting his goals for this year. His target was to lose a stone, and at that stage he asked, “What does a pound of fat feel/look like?!”
I said, “Let’s forget a pound, let’s look at the bigger targets!” and picked up a 7kg dumbbell.
“There you go, that’s about a stone of FAT!”
Now, to those of you that workout, you will know that a 7kg Dumbbell is quite a weight! Imagine that as excess FAT that you’re carrying. Imagine even further if you’re targets are 2, 3 or 4 stones of fat?!
That is quite an extra load you are carrying around, and your joints have to support.
For your interest, the picture top left is what just 1 pound of fat looks like, and the picture at the top right, is just 5 pounds of FAT. Pretty gruesome, and quite a size, when you think what most people are looking to, or need to drop.
Start eating sensibly, workout regularly and with intensity, and you will drop fat.
Who wants Fat like the above in their body?
Everyone wants abs, a flat stomach, shapely arms and legs, but without shedding the fat you won’t see, or get those results.
Make the choice, make the effort, and make the change.

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