Madonna – good or bad body at 50?

In the paper at the weekend was an article with Tracy Anderson, Personal Trainer to Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities. Some of the quotes pulled from there were, about Madonna, “I want to keep her body looking like it’s 20 years old “.
Now, I know a lot of people actually dislike Madonna’s body! Fair play to her for exercising regularly, but when veins start popping out of arms, well, I haven’t seen that on a 20 year old! Author Fay Weldon put’s it as “Madonna does not have the body of a 20 yr old. She has the body of a 50yr old who is well-exercised and half-starved!”
“Using her training system, The Method, Anderson uses low weight (only up to 3 pounds) but high reps – 60 for most people, but 100 for Madonna. She exercises with Madonna for 2 hours per day, 6 times a week”.
– COME ON! Up to 3lb weights?! How is that challening? Though the fact she probably eats so little, could make that challenging?! What is 3lb going to do for anyone?! And 2 hours a day?! No wonder, the weights have to be so light!
Do yourself a favaour, lift heavy/challenging weights, keeping reps under 12, keep workouts under 50mins, and 3-4 times a week is more than enough! I have a client who is 51, and I’ve trained for 5 years now. She has a much better look to her body than Madonna! We will often Deadlift 45kg, DB Press 15kg DB’s, 25 full pressups, Bodyweight rows etc. She would have words to say if I handed her a pair of 1kg weights!

“When Anderson first met Paltrow and Madonna, they were horrified by her junk food diet. I had gotten cocky about the fitness programme I designed and I was eating 4 cupcakes a day, cheeseburgers, dunking Oreo’s in processed icing. But I had such a serious sweet tooth, and because I got such good results from my fitness regime I could get away with it!”

– No, you probably have a high metabolism from exercising regularly, which generally means you can get away with eating a few extra cheat meals, but come on?! Food and calories are what put weight on. Either you did that junk food diet for about 2 days or you weren’t telling us how much weight you gained during that time, because you would have put it on!

The lives of celebreties are there for us to read about! To follow, or emulate their lives would be wrong, and not very practical!

For us ‘normal’ folk;

Write down your specific goals, and the date you want to achieve them by.

Reduce wheat, dairy, sugar and alcohol in your daily diet.
Eat more fresh meat and fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit.

Exercise 2-4 times a week, incorporating challenging weights, and short, sharp, interval training.

You will then see good results…I can’t promise a 20 year old body, but I can promise a body you will be proud to show off!

What do you think?! Does Madonna have a good body at 50 or not?! Feel free to comment!

4 Responses

  1. Didn’t Guy Ritchie say going to deb with Madonna was like sleeping with a lump of grissle.

    Fair assessment of her me thinks

  2. I love to see a bit of muscle on women – but the photo above, or more like them is what puts my clients off weights! (don’t panic I get them back in there!). They all say “it won’t make me look like madonna will it. Not exactly a glowing recommendation and I can’t see men finding it any more attractive.
    Fair play to her though. I read if there was an Ashtanga Yoga discipline at the Olympics, she would be a serious contender, she is that good.
    I’ve been doing 8 reps high weights with my clients for many a year and none of them have ended up like that!

    • Yup! That is someone with a bit of lean muscle, but has been thrown on a low calorie diet! Here skin looks wafer thin, and not very healthy!
      Low weights for low bodyfat !!!

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