Are you a "Can DO!" or a "I Can’t Do That?" person?!

Recently I’ve had a few comments from people finding it hard to stick to the specifics of my MRPT nutrition plan. With the plan, you eliminate wheat, dairy, caffeine for 4 weeks, and eat natural, wholesome foods. In return, you can lose a dress size, drop a considerable amount of fat, have a flatter stomach, and more energy and vitality.

Sounds good doesn’t it?! I won’t deny it, It is challenging to stick to, because you are breaking your ‘usual routine.’ Normally you would probably eat cereal and toast for breakfast, a few coffees during the day, a sandwich at lunchtime, then maybe some pasta in the evening. That is a lot of wheat and dairy that you are consuming, which you need to eliminate! Therefore, change will be tough!

But, if it was easy, everyone would look great, there would be no obesity issues, and everyone would have the body they are after! And that, is what separates the;

“Can’s” from the “Can’ts

the “I CAN DO THIS”, from the “Oh, I can’t do that”,

the “Look what I HAVE DONE”, from the “I’m NOT happy with how I feel or look”.

Look at it as a challenge. Everybody wants to achieve, and everyone feels fantastic when they do conquer, or achieve something. So be strong, be focused, be committed, and DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF, STARTING TODAY! You won’t regret it.

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