6-pack Abs or 6-pack Flab?!

So it’s over! The Christmas period has gone, and work looms! How do you feel? Honestly? Added a few pounds? Feeling bloated? Feel sluggish?
Chances are you overdid things, and some work needs to be done.
The thing is, you will need to;
1) Start immediately, or your current ‘routine’ will continue, and start dates will be put back.
2) Have a set plan to follow, which has been written down with specific aims, and dates you want to achieve them by. Otherwise it’s a black hole, and a recipe for failure. Did you know only 8% of people who set ‘goals/resolutions’ will achieve them?! That’s pretty poor. Be it motivation, will power, additional help? Do all you can to ensure you know what your aiming for, how your going to do it, and when your going to achieve it by.
3)Use resources such as here and other reputable blogs etc to get the information you need and use it! My information is tried and tested, it works for a reason…….people stick to it!
If you want to watch some workout ideas try here for starters. In the next few weeks I will be releasing my Fat Loss and Fitness Home plan, which WILL get you results. Keep an eye out!.
If you want further nutrition information have a look at my FREE articles on my website at http://www.markspt.co.uk/
Do yourself, and your body a favour. Start now – be focused, work hard, and get YOUR results!
Feel free to comment with your aims and goals, and if I can help I will.

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