Celebrity ‘Fat Loss’ Dvd’s? Don’t waste your money!

It’s that time of year when ‘celebrities’ bring out their magical ‘fat loss’ and fitness DVD’s, promising you that pounds, even stones of fat will drop off it you just follow their DVD!
They will even have a before and after photo of themselves to make the choice even easier!

Errr……no. If people could get those results from following a step DVD, or a 30minute dance class that has you shuffling, tripping, and mostly stopping to rewind and re-watch the last moves, Personal Trainers, BootCamps etc would be out of business.

Please don’t be fooled by this marketing and ‘celebrity’ tag, they are just using their profile to sell something that;

May get you a little bit fitter / May get you moving a bit, but WILL NOT help you burn fat!

The one thing you will need to do, that these DVD’s often don’t advertise is to CHANGE YOUR DIET. It’s the food that you have eaten that has made you fat, not the fact that you have been without their DVD for all this time!!

Save your money, lay off the wheat, the dairy, the alcohol, and start eating more natural foods and then you Will start to lose regular weight.

Why not take advantage of my FREE online training offer posted below or at http://www.markspt.co.uk/?

You could also look to buy my combined Nutrition and Exercise ebook coming out in the next 6 weeks!! 🙂

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