The 5 steps to Fat Loss!

This is courtesy of top Canadian Fat Loss specialist Craig Ballantyne.
It’s simple, yet to the point, so I thought I’d share it with you all.

“Once you accept that discipline is needed to lose fat, then you’ll discover that losing fat is as easy as following a few simple steps! (Consistently, of course!)

Once you understand that you must…;

– Plan, shop, and prepare your meals in advance…
– Do three high-intensity workouts per week…
– Keep yourself active on off days and keep your butt off the couch for at least 30 minutes…
– Develop rituals that help you avoid night-time eating…
– Take time to set goals and to plan solutions for every obstacle that gets in your way each week…

Only then will fat loss become 2nd nature to you, so much so that you couldn’t get fat if you tried!

Once you accept this truth about fat loss, you’ll succeed and you will be able to lose as much belly fat as you want. Heck, you can apply this to any aspect of your life and you’ll experience success beyond your wildest dreams.

The time to change is NOW!

Happy New Year!

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