OK, Christmas food and drink is OVER!

OK! Enough!! Your “Christmas eating” period should be over! Like the majority of people, I let the food and drink ‘go a little’ over Christmas, and Boxing day. But that is it NOW! If you’re still off work, or even back to work, do just that, and get back to a healthy eating routine. Extra drink and food between now and New Year, could easily total up a further 7lbs in fat, so make your New Year goal easier and get back into it NOW!

I must admit, I feel pretty crap at the moment! Throughout December, I removed wheat and dairy from my diet, and felt great. My stomach was flat, my energy levels were sustained throughout the day, and I felt good. (All ready for my holiday to Australia in Feb!!) But even as I sit here and write this, I feel sluggish, my stomach feels bloated, and throughout the day my energy levels have fluctuated. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get back into my ‘routine’.

1. Aim to drink 2 litres of fresh water a day
2. Remove wheat from your diary for January
3. Remove dairy from your diary for January
4. Aim to consume at least 3 pieces of fruit a day, and vegetables at 2 separate meals (include raw carrot, peppers etc as a snack)
5. Remove alcohol for January (Come on, don’t you think you’ve had enough by now?!)

Start now, and results will come quicker!

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  1. Great stuff Mark, if folks follow those tips, they will succeed!

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