Don’t overeat this Christmas!

With Christmas just a few days away, no doubt your party celebrations and excessive consumption has started?! Company Parties? Invites to friends or family? Extra visits to the pub? All of these extra ‘celebrations’ often result in extra pounds of fat being added, making your New Year targets longer, harder, and less likely to achieve.

We’ve all got to mid afternoon on Christams day and collapsed on the sofa with the “Oh…I’m stuffed” phrase.

Well, why get to that stage this year? Sure, eat a few treats, drink some alcohol, but don’t go silly. Also, from Boxing Day, why not get back onto your usual routine? It’s not an all week bender! Months of hard work at the gym, and with your food plans, could easily be undone in that one week. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll achieve your results.

Why not signup to my 6 minute workout to the right. Everyone can spare 6 minutes, and you’ll start to melt away that additional fat you’ve probably added!

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