Cut the rubbish at Christmas!

At Christmas, there is more than enough food going round, often into the New Year. People generally tend to overeat at this time, because they are off work, and feel they have a free pass to gorge! On top of the Christmas food, mince pies, chocolate log, there are always chocolates! Nowadays pots of chocolates are getting bigger and bigger, and so are the calories and sugar content.

Basically, they are empty calories, which will spike your insulin levels, releasing fat storing hormones. On top of the ‘gorging’, this will lead to excessive fat storage, and come the New Year, a heavier you! Depression, sets in.

If you get given chocolates, take them to someone elses house when you get invited round! Pass them elsewhere! They are empty calories, non-nutritious to the body, and just encourage your body to store fat. Sure, have a couple of them, but if you know you’re the sort of person who can’t say “No more!” then don’t start, throw them away, give them away – they really are FAKE, artificial FOOD!

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