PLEASE put down the light weights!

I had limited time for a workout today due to a busy schedule, so at the gym, after a warmup, I set my watch for a 15minute timer. From here I moved from one exercise to the next, completing 15reps at each exercise, with limited rest before the next. I chose multiple muscle exercises like pullups, kettlebell swings, lunge with press, pressups and squats.

Suffice to say by 15mins I was toast!! I collapsed to the matted area, to catch my breath with sweat running off my head! A fair few calories had been burnt!

Just then a middle aged lady asked, “Have you finished on here?” pointing to the Lat pulley.
“I’m definitely done!” I replied!
“What weight did you use?” she asked?
Now, unless she was being competitive, I decided to help out!
I asked her what she was attempting to do, to which she replied, “I’m supposed to be doing 2 x 16 reps, and I’m using weight number 1” Now, I was tired, and exhausted, but this lady needed helping! I rolled over and said, “Well basically, you should be selecting a weight whereby your last 2 reps are getting pretty tough, so therefore you probably need to be selecting a heavier weight, do you think?!”
Ummmm maybe” she replied, “I have my programme review next week, so maybe I’ll wait til then”


It is a myth that women will get big by lifting heavy. To get anywhere near “big”, women would need to eat thousands of calories, lift heavy and often, and probably inject a touch of testosterone.
After progressing, you need to start lifting heavier weights. Choose weights which will challenge you around the 8-10 repetition mark. Only then will you start seeing your body change and adapt. You’ll see nothing by using such light weights.

This particular lady probably lifts heavier weights carrying her shopping to the car, lifts her children on a daily basis, or carries the hoover up the stairs. Just because it is called ‘a weight’ it doesn’t mean you need to go light!

Quite why the weights pictured above are sold I do not know. In fact it is laughable that such small weights are made with the intention of using them separately for exercises, when the whole lot together is packaged in a case with a carry handle, meaning you have to carry them all together at some point!
PLEASE, ladies reading, ditch the sub 4kg weights, and allow your body to change for the better!

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