Home Workout #1 !

OK below is the first published home workout! (This can be done at the gym, but I will aim to give exercises which require little or no equipment, and can be completed in 5mins!!) This workout is designed to work the full body, put your metabolism into overdrive, and therefore burn a high number of calories, not just during the workout, but for many hours afterwards, due to the intensity of the workout! To achieve this ‘overdrive’ of calories you will need to work hard! You get out, or burn, what you put in!
Work at a steady pace and you’ll be wasting time, push it hard and, well, you’ll see!
Warmup (perform each exercise with no rest. At the end rest 30secs and repeat the warmup, then rest a further 30secs, and go straight into the workout)
Squats x10 / Star Jumps x20 / Pressups x10 / Alternate Lunges x16
Advanced Burpee – 10 repetitions. (Stand with a shoulder width stance. Squat down and put your hands on the ground in front of your feet. Next, kick your feet back while lowering your chest to the ground. This step will essentially put you in the bottom position of a push up. Then, push your chest away from the floor while simultaneously thrusting your legs back up into the squat position with the hands still on the floor. Finish the movement by explosively jumping up in the air. Upon landing, quickly drop back down into the squat position and repeat)
Rest 20seconds then;
2) Prisoner Speed Squats – 20 repetitions. (Feet just wider than shoulder width, with hands on back of head, pin elbows and shoulder blades backwards throughout. Squat down, keeping your weight on heels, and stomach muscles in and braced, then drive back upwards. Repeat at speed)
Rest 20 seconds then;
Repeat workout for 3 times in total. Stretch out at end of workout.
Expect the lower body to be feeling ‘worked’ the next day! Feel free to comment/give suggestions after the workout!

3 Responses

  1. Well Having given this a go a word to the wise – do not do after a 1hr 4 a side game of football on half a pitch, it ends up being much more than 5 mins and kungs hurt quite a bit.

  2. Oh, did I not say “best not done after football”?! silly me!

    I daren’t ask what’s wrong with your kungs!!!!

  3. Oh, did I not say “best not done after football”?! silly me!

    I daren’t ask what’s wrong with your kungs!!!!

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