Buy into the complete package!

On Saturday, England ‘competed’ against a Stanford Superstars team in the West Indies, in a 20 overs a side game of cricket for $20,000,000. The winning team won $1,000,000 a player……the losing team won nothing.
Suffice to say, England were abysmal, and got thoroughly beaten by the more deserving Windies players. At the post match interview, England captain Kevin Pietersen, said the England team need to address a few issues for next time, and need to ‘buy into’ the tournament moreso. This signalled, to me, that the players were more intent on ‘playing for England’ and winning the game, as opposed to saying, “right let’s play for the money, every man for themselves, let’s go out and win some cash!” ……yeah right! for this sort of money I know what/who I would have been playing for!!
The same can be said with fat loss and exercise. You have to ‘buy into’ the whole package. It’s not good enough to think, I’ve exercised hard twice this week, I deserve a glass of wine and a pizza, or I’ll have this cake because I’m exercising later.
Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, you fail in one, you’ll fail as a package. If you want results, you have to plan what you aiming for, set your goals, and ‘buy into’ the whole package. Be focused on your exercise and your nutrition throughout the week, and then will you get the results you are after.

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