Weightloss is about food!

Weight loss is primarily about food, and what you do, or don’t consume.
I’ve had clients who have stated at the initial consultation, “I don’t mind exercising, but I don’t want to change or limit what I’m eating or drinking” Really?!! So exercising for 2 hours a week is going to get the fat dropping off you, while you still indulge in a takeaway once or twice a week, a cake or chocolate bar once or twice a day, and that big drinking session on Friday and/or Saturday night? Dream on……! Exercise and nutrition is a joint package, it’s a lifestyle, surely we all want to be fit, look good, and be healthy?!
If you look at food and exercise in terms of calories you’ll see why food and fluids should be looked at initially. If you ate a chocolate bar or a cake, that could quite easily total 200-300 calories. To expend that many calories through exercise,
you would have to run for about 20mins, at a reasonable intensity level. Which is easier? Running for 20mins or not eating a chocolate bar or cake? (If you’re saying, “but I like them!” that’s fine once a week if you’ve been sensible the rest of the week, but if not, you seriously need to re-address and look at your goals! – you know who you are!)
Men and women are consuming too many calories above their recommended
daily allowance; they’re often eating 1000 kcals more daily. It is far easier to reduce your calorie intake than it is having to exercise more. Always think about food in terms of exercise calories, it will put things into perspective. Three pints of beer is about 600 kcals, a few glasses of wine will be over 350 kcals. A meal out, or a takeaway, can easily total up to over 1000kcals, which is half a recommended man’s intake and 2/3 of a woman’s intake.
If weight loss is your goal, it will all come down to your food and fluid intake,
bottom line. Remember even if the food is small, it may well be energy dense
and hold a lot of calories. Control what you’re eating and you will reach your
ideal weight, and combined with our exercise sessions, you’ll be looking and feeling great too!
Food is one factor YOU can control. YOU are in charge and responsible for yourself!

3 Responses

  1. The troubke is what is more appealing – a bar of chocolate or a run? simple really

  2. Exactly…I know how much you’re into your running at the moment….good boy.

  3. Exactly…I know how much you’re into your running at the moment….good boy.

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