The elusive flat stomach question!

This morning I was at the gym working out. I had my Ipod in as usual, and had just finished my first set of deadlifts. As I put the bar down and turned away, panting, and probably gurning from the effort, a middle aged lady approached me and mouthed something in my direction. I tugged an earpiece out, and raised my eyebrows in a “Sorry, say again” manner!
“Do you work here?” she said!
Now, I’d be pretty unhappy with the gym staff, if short of work, they went into the weights area, put their ipod’s on, and starting lifting weights, while wearing clothes that were definately not part of a uniform!
She obviously realised she was barking up the wrong tree, but continued;
“I wanted some exercises to lose and flatten my tummy”
(Ahhhhh!!!! If I had a pound for everytime someone asked that question, well, I could probably start work on our extension!)
I gave her the honest answer of;
“You probably won’t like this answer but the main thing would be altering your diet”
with this she replied, “Errm, maybe I should ask an instructor” (Yeah like that will give you the answer you’re after!)
“Well I am a Personal Trainer” I replied (She suddenly looked interested again!”
” You could try some medicine ball twists, and some rotational work, which will work your whole core unit” I suggested.
Anyway, she “ummed” and “aaghed” for a few seconds, and we jointly moved out seperate ways.
Me, back to my second set of deadlifts.
Her, to the decline bench for some useless, and possibly damaging decline crunches, putting extra stress on her back, and by the looks of it a potential strained neck!….. I tried!!
So the moral to this story and the answer to the above is;
Limit or cut out;
Alcohol / Wheat / Caffeine/ Processed Foods / Dairy / Sugar / Crunches
Do or eat more of;
Lean Protein / Nuts / Fruit / Vegetables / Water / Eat small and often
Lift challenging weights which work the full body / Short sharp interval training / Rotational Work

It IS possible….. the choice is with you!!


7 Responses

  1. Very useful Mark, keep up the good marketing!!

  2. So eat what I dislike, no burgers bacon sarnies etc, and eat good stuff. Oh well!

    Also as I weigh quite a bit, does getting off my chair chair and walking count as heavy weight lifting? and with short legs = short interval training?

    All who read – this is some humour to try and entice some of you avid readers to comment, it is getting lonely in this little bubble of Marks.

  3. Mr Westbury – you can eat what you like, I am just advising!
    Yes getting up for you is a good workout 😉

    I think you’re a one many army!

  4. Mr Westbury – you can eat what you like, I am just advising!
    Yes getting up for you is a good workout 😉

    I think you’re a one many army!

  5. Welcome Anonymous to the lets see if we can help / agree or in my case antagonise Mark, comments box

  6. Don’t I know it!!

  7. Don’t I know it!!

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