Posh to get thinner?

OK it’s happened! After years of saying she hates gym work, and would rather eat ‘sensibly’ Posh has finally succumbed to ‘gym work’.
Her recent short haircut has already brandished comments of ‘schoolboy’, ‘elf like’ and similar, but if she isn’t careful, her new regime could see her becoming even thinner, and a real danger to her health.
Instead of embarking on a resistance training plan which is what she really needs to get her body looking decent, and ‘Hollywood’, she has hit the treadmill.
“I run 4 miles a day, 7 days a week” says Posh. “I’m eating more, as you need to when you’re working out”.
The question is, is she eating the right sort of foods? In the past she has been known for skipping carbohydrates, and eating salads, drinking juices, and keeping calorie intake to a minimum. However, with a new passion for running, she really is going to need a daily source of complex carbohydrates, and a higher calorie count to fuel her body. Also, by running so much, her body will produce cortisol ( a stress hormone) which will start to breakdown muscle tissue (if there is any left on her!), leaving her looking thinner and shapeless, a term in the business known as Skinny fat in that she looks skinny, but is in fact carrying a reasonably high bodyfat percentage due to the lack of remaining body tissue – muscle.
If I were Posh’s trainer (yeah, right!) she’d be eating;
-Complex carbs for breakfast and lunch, along with a source of protein.

– Lean protein and vegetables for evening meal, with some balanced snacks mid morning and afternoon,

– Around 2 litres of water a day.
– Workouts would consist of full body resistance work 3-4 times a week, with some short sharp interval training, possibly 2-3 times a week.
If only her trainer persuaded her to do the same, she would have a body she’d be happy with…………..then again David Beckham could become Prime Minister!

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